Should've stopped myself lol

The beginning of an idea

This was another random sketch in pencil on printer paper. I like nature. I draw a lot of inspiration from it as many artists do. As I was drawing these I was thinking they sort of contained features that gave off a gender vibe. The plant on the top had a delicate, curvy femininity to it, while the one on the bottom had the sharp, angular features I usually associate with men and those badass tribal tattoos I love to see on men so much! So I kind of ran with that…

Final name: Intimacy

I tried to establish a connection between the two

I started thinking about relationships. And then mating. Then Biology 101 in college started kicking in as I thought about the plant life cycles. Somehow, as I was adding the extra details, I was trying to make a connection with human relationships and the intimacy that happens between the quintessential man and woman when there are no barriers, physical or otherwise.

In hindsight,looking at it now, I think this was a statement about how we as humans have the natural need for intimacy and even when you have a difference of belief or opinion, that intimacy can still happen when you push aside the barriers of uncertainty and fear. When a person just does what comes naturally, that is to open up and be vulnerable, he or she eventually achieves that intimacy with the right person and something like this sketch happens.


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