Dear God, it’s Fall ALREADY?!


It’s too soon! Wayyyy too soon! Has the year seriously gone by so quickly already??

I can’t believe it. After all the ups and downs in weather and rain we’ve had here in Pennsylvania the whole Summer, Fall is right on top of us! Crap on a stick…

So what do I have to say about autumn…

I am somewhat neutral about Halloween (I am sooo annoyed with the costume ads and I don’t Trick-or-Treat anymore, so…), but I hate…HATE the weather. I hate the bitter, drying, cold air. My skin is practically on fire and my nose is starting to stuff up right now thinking about it! On top of that, the days get shorter. Many of us can agree to how much that sucks! Screw the extra hour of sleep! I’ll take more sunlight, thank you very much!

But there are some redeeming things about this season…

The turning of the foliage, for one. I love all the colors: fiery reds and golds! Talk about going out in a BLAZE of glory! And besides the endless inspiration just from that tragic beauty, I love Thanksgiving. Who doesn’t love to prepare a huge dinner and have family over to share our thanks for what we have??

So I’m going to TRY and enjoy the fall season more this year… even though I’m conditioned to get anxious this time of year, I’m going to TRY and make the most of it and find more things about it to appreciate. There’s my goal.

Yay Fall!

My Autumn Greeting to you all!


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