Why “Akaimiko”?


I’m sort of a Japanophile. I’ve been teaching myself Japanese for years, watched anime, live action dramas, and movies especially during my college years. In the process of studying the language I’ve also looked into the culture as well. The social etiquette, the hot springs, the FOOD, the subcultures…just fascinating!!

Ok so I guess I’m a bigger Japanophile than I thought…

So many times I have to create a username for something, I end up drawing from what I’ve learned. I thought about my own identity. My name’s Ruby. So somehow “Red” always makes sense. The japanese word for red is “akai”. Now…the tricky part was coming up with a term that represented me on a much deeper, personal level.

This is who I am: I’m a woman of faith. I like to think that I’m a healer in my own understated way. I’m sensitive and empathic, but I think it gives me a strength on top of the hidden ferocity that bubbles to the surface when I’m provoked. I’m just as appreciative of quiet, calm moments during the day (I even enjoy a catnap every once in a while) as I am comfortable being up in arms for someone I care about, especially if that someone is myself.

So when I think of a term that, to me, encompasses all of these qualities, I think of a Shinto priestess or shrine maiden called a “miko”. These women were significant religious figures back in the day, and lived to serve mankind. They were called upon for spiritual cleansing, exorcisms, and even healing of ailments, amongst many other tasks. They ran their towns. They were born leaders. And still, they were delicate and feminine. Is it any surprise that I would want to associate myself with such women?

So there you have it! I’m “The Red Priestess”.


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