Trying out Blogsy


I’ve done it again! I’ve neglected my blog of over 3 months! For shame!


Even though it was due to being so busy with other endeavors, they were definitely noteworthy. They were worth blogging about! But now that I practically live on my iPad mini, I struggled with having to use my laptop just for one thing. It’s so old, it takes forever to boot up on top of it. Even when I was logged in and online, I struggled getting my posts just right for publishing. Heck, I’m still not totally thrilled with them! It felt like I still had to refamiliarize myself with the dashboard and tweak posts because they didn’t appear right when I published them!


Enter the Blogsy app. It’s supposed to be a big help for any blogger from most of the popular platforms, including WordPress and Blogger. At the time of this post, it costs $4.99 in the App Store. Is it worth every cent? So far so good! Not only can I write my posts and format them the way I want, but I can access whatever media I need from my photo gallery, YouTube, and even from the internet through an in-app browser. It’s pretty darn encouraging for anyone struggling with having to find everything they may need to post regularly, especially if they’re on the go! Have I just retired my laptop?…well, yeah.


I’m pretty excited about this!



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