Ink on sketchbook paper; 2/17-18

Just like my previous sketch “Dragoon“, this was not planned at all. I just totally improvised this one. And in the end it looked like a very exotic coral reef. In fact, it looked like I just created a home for “Dragoon“.

My initial intention when I started on this was to just get used to drawing without having to erase. Unlike “Dragoon” this was done in ink straight into my sketchbook. It was pretty refreshing not having to tear my hair out over perfection. Next time I think I'm going to try and fill the entire page. And then the next I'm going to try minimizing so there is a load of space that doesn't NEED to be filled.

Consistency, therefore, wasn't really a concern here. Although there are some small elements that repeat all over the page, the larger shapes are not entirely related to each other. But then I guess that's why I think it resembles a coral reef. There's always some unique or distinct species that stands alone, yet fits right into the scenery, whether you're considering color or form:

So somehow, it worked out! I should let myself blindly doodle more often!

I wonder if my mind's trying to tell me I need to finally learn to scuba dive?



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