My Cherry Blossom Girl : Digital Painting


How could I have forgotten her?!

It was exactly a year ago when I created this digitally on my iPad mini, using the SketchClub app. Her name is “Sakurako”. I started out making the line drawing on my iPhone, but then emailed it to myself so I could pull it up on my mini and finish it. The idea behind making this was just to get a sense of what my style is when I draw people. I had just about finished taking a short course in drawing anatomy, so I applied what I learned with this.

Her backstory: She is a confident, self-aware girl, slowly but surely breathing life and color into the mucky, swampy kind of world around her. She is so full of both that she exudes it. Her desire to change the world in a positive and beautiful way motivates her to put this inner power to good use.

Her appearance was kind of based on my self image. I wish my hair really was this color; alas, they haven't created a red hair dye yet that doesn't wash out in a hideous “bloody” mess in the shower every time…moving on. The fabric in her dress was a challenge as well. I'd never really done clothes before (mainly because I never really drew people either at the time). My style with people tends to involve ending joints and appendages in sharp points. You can see this with the elbow, nose, and finger tips especially. I also tend to keep the lines I've established while drafting, but I color them to fit the area it's outlining. Every bit of her skin has a red outline (matches the hair and keeps them united) and her clothes have a blue outline. The only exception here are the cherry blossoms. A lack of outline gives them a much softer and delicate look. The swirls were fun and probably the easiest things to make. Even the background took me a little time to do!

I still can't believe I never blogged about her. She is one of my proudest creations! Definitely isn't my last!



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