#AtoZChallenge: Alla Prima Alpaca and an Apple Umbrella


So to start off the A-to-Z Challenge I decided to play with surrealism. I thought of a couple things starting with “A” and put them together in a digital painting. In this case, my subjects were an apple and an alpaca. Given my time constraints and my thumb still being out of commission, I was surprised this only took me almost 5 hours to complete. I figured the “alla prima” method would also be appropriate for this particular post, so I stayed true to that by sticking with this painting till the end. It was pretty refreshing! I’ve never done this kind of style before.

When I was thinking about subjects, I just couldn’t help but think about the ever-fundamental apple for the letter “a”. Instead of just painting one, though, I repurposed it by using it as an umbrella. When it came time to decide on something to put under it, I wondered whether to stay true to the relative scale and pick a tiny rodent or really make it weird and put something that should be much bigger underneath it. So of course I went with the cute little alpaca. I’m pretty happy with how this turned out!

This is my first time taking on a challenge like this, not only artistically but also as a blogger, so hopefully I started off just right. I hope it continues to motivate and inspire me as each day passes. I’m also looking forward to checking out everyone else’s posts!



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    • Hi! Thank you so much! Really? I thought it was common practice…hmm. But then I was lucky I finished this on the same day as the post lol. Actually I know lots of artists who are able to crank out original work on a daily basis and so this challenge has become an opportunity to exercise my sketching muscles AND my writing muscles :P.

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