#AtoZChallenge: Baby Bear on a Big Blueberry


I've been wanting to do something a little more touching and impactful than random, while still playing with surrealism, which I'm starting to really find my groove in. For the letter “B” I started out with the giant blueberry. It always had a frosted look to it, which lent itself well for this scenario, random as that may sound. Then I went with a baby polar bear clinging to it to fit the environment.

The water isn't meant to be super turbulent…mainly because that would take way too much time to do given that I only have today to complete this. By the way, it took me almost 3 hours this time! I'm getting better! Either that or more lazy…

What I'm starting to enjoy with doing surrealism like this is this: when you look at it, you think it's a normal scene. Then you give it a second look and realize there's something there that normally shouldn't be. What I'd like for viewers to do upon noticing the oddity is, quite frankly, tilt their head and go, ” Ohhhh, ha ha!” Even with the serious message here about the plight of the polar bear today, I don't want the whimsy to be lost in this piece. If anyone has any feedback that can help me achieve this goal, I'm all eyes!

By the way, my thumb is still bleeding…I may be overexerting myself here so I think I'll take a break from the painting for a bit and stick with just blogging about some of my other menu topics…we'll see.



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  1. I think it is a beautiful illustration, and I have never tried drawing on a digital tablet. These are out of my price range, so that is probably why. I live on a very tight budget, but it is nice to see all the artwork people create with these.

    • Yeah it’s really convenient. I used to carry around a tote bag with sketching supplies everywhere I went. It was starting to become a hassle, so I bought an iPad mini (used the points I had saved up on the American Express card I was getting rid of). I love it! But I do miss traditional painting/sketching.

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