#AtoZChallenge: Chia the Curious (and Crazy) Caliby


Meet Chia

So after I changed the dressing on my thumb, I found I was not giving it the rest it deserved. Even drawing and typing with the other four fingers on my hand meant blood was still flowing up to and out of my thumb. So in an attempt to manage that better and still contribute for the A to Z Challenge, I will blog about our newest family member, Chia. And I will do it with my left hand.

Welcome to Chia's Storytime Hour

We got her in December. She was wandering in the warehouse of the Walmart my sister Huma works in. They found her and put her in the personnel office until they could take her to the SPCA. Of course, once Huma was informed, she went over to check her out. It was love at first sight, at least I guess that's what Huma said. She picked up this soft fluffy 6-month-old caliby and it clung to her like it belonged with her. That's when she texted me, ” I'm bringing home a new cat.”

My response? ” Okie dokie.”

When I first saw her, she was still in the cardboard box, her pink nose sticking out of the handle. Awwwe!

The box was vibrating ith her purrs. I was surprised she was already happy to be here and she hadn't even come out of the box. According to Huma, she didn't even cry on the way home. This little miss was ballsy.

Taking care of my Farm

To top it off, Huma told me that one of her not-very-nice male coworkers had tried to determine her sex and handled her too roughly. She in turn bit and scratched him. Good girl.

So when we deliberated over her name, we had quite a bit of work cut out for us. She was scrappy, courageous, adorable, and bold. My mom usually doesn't take to our pets. She would rather we not have any in our house at all. Yet this new kitten sat on her lap in spite of her objections, and stared at her. That was the boldest thing I had ever seen. And my mom was in love. It was fitting then, that my mom would pick the perfect name for her: Chia.

Now as a family, we are very interested in the science of names, so we researched to see if the name was ever used and what it said about the personality of its owner. According to Urban Dictionary:


female with a quirky attitude and tends to be really random and strange.

Chia says: “I will never die.”, she also says: “Dank means dark and wet. Like behind my eyeball.”

Chia and my little sister Komil

That sounds like our little kitty for sure! When we looked into her pattern ( we were so used to our black cat Momo), it turned out she was a calico and tabby mix (aka caliby). Being a calico, she is linked to good fortune. Not that I'm a superstitious person, but all of this just seemed to feel right.

Boudoir Photo Session!







She clearly belongs with us. And we're all happier for having her.

Best buddies








By the way, she and Momo get along just fine!



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