#AtoZChallenge: Dragon Fruit and Dedication


I know, I know…it's late.

When it comes to bad luck, when it rains, it pours. Still, I don't think making excuses is going to make me feel any better. This painting, however, does!

I just had to see this through, it was a concept that just jumped out at me as I was looking for concepts for the letter “D”. I always wanted to do this, and I guess because I really wanted to finish it inspite of the fact that I've never done a dragon or stream water before, I took extra time on this one. About 8 hours to be precise. Yeah, that's pretty rough for me…

I love dragon fruit! It's light and clean, has a very original, mild flavor, and it's gorgeous! I used to let my imagination run wild and think, “Hey, maybe we have it wrong? Maybe dragons would have come from nature itself instead of reptilian eggs? Maybe dragon fruit should be where dragons come from!”

They're not real, yes I know. But you don't come up with interesting ideas when you stick with conventional trains of thought. I am actually thinking of writing a story about this. You read about it here first!

While the painting isn't a direct representation of dedication, I think the process was. I knew it wouldn't be easy to create a decent painting for each day of the challenge (being a newbie, I didn't think to create my blog posts ahead of time), but because I really wanted to do this for the letter “D” and completed it late rather than never, I think “Dedication” is also appropriate for this post. Sticking it out to the end, even when the water was confounding to do, even with my thumb and family emergency, and even though I've never drawn a dragon –much less a dragon baby– before, is what dedication is. Lesson certainly learned.



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  1. My son loves dragonfriut. Well…He says he loves it, but I think he likes the idea that it is named “Dragonfriut” and that no one else around here knows what it is or eats it.

    Great post!

    Timothy S. Brannan
    The Other Side, April Blog Challenge: The A to Z of Witches

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