#AtoZChallenge: Genie WIP


I'm nowhere near done, but I thought I would start posting more about my works-in-progress (aka WIPs) for those pieces in particular that I take extra time on. For the letter “G”, I chose my Genie.

I've been working on her for a total of over 9 hours now, but I started on her months ago. This just seemed like a good a time as any to move forward with her. I made a lot of progress this session! All I had down before working on her was her line work and the background. Even so, she is far from finished…and I had so hoped to record this one into a time-lapse video, too…

My plan for her involves making her appealing, but no less powerful and intimidating. There will be an element of darkness here. I'm still working out how I'm going to achieve all that. I do like the idea of making her larger-than-life compared to the individual(s) who let her out. I don't want her to be a typical obedient genie, either. Her backstory will be pretty interesting… In fact, I may post the completed version of this with the short story I was thinking of!

So stay tuned!



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