#AtoZChallenge: Henna Tattoo Designs



One of the creatives services I offer is tattoo design. It was the natural thing to do since I have done henna (aka mehndi, which I tend to call it most) for friends and relatives since I was a kid. The only problem is when you have been sitting doing mehndi for hours for other people, you don't exactly have the energy or time to do it for yourself. My hands were totally naked during special occasions as a result. And I stopped doing it altogether. But just like everything else I stopped doing in my earlier youth, this has come back around.

It's even easier that I don't have to hunch over someone in person and come up with a design right there. I need time to come up with a great idea and I need time to actually do it even if I have it in my head! So doing it digitally has been a real advantage. My mini is an asset.

Even if I just start a concept on my mini and finish it up on my computer, I couldn't imagine doing my work without it. Beats the heck out of drawing it out on paper by hand, then scanning and having to recreate it. For a henna or tribal tattoo design, it's a waste of time for me. I try to make my stuff nice and elaborate. My designs aren't strictly traditional either. I've never been interested in sticking with the generic patterns I've seen in books. Floral and paisley patterns are great, but come on! There's more to use for inspiration! So my style isn't Indian or Pakistani or Arab. It's more abstract.

I actually like it this way better: someone comes to me with a request to design a tattoo for them, mostly henna-style or tribal. Then I design one. I used to do nothing but doodle henna designs once upon a time. This way I had a little direction. I would love for my clients to come back with pics of their finished tattoos assuming they decided to go with my idea! That would be one of the greatest things in the world!



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