#AtoZChallenge: Inspiration and Improvement


If you don’t already know, this is my first A to Z Challenge. My entries haven’t been consistent, but I’m still making an effort. I’m learning that if I plan on blogging on a regular and frequent basis, I should know what my topics are ahead of time. I should also do some of the prep and research ahead of time! Especially since I’m trying to incorporate artwork into it, which has proven to be a huge challenge, it’s going to be important for me to plan out my work too. It’s not impossible to do this for the challenge, but it’s not a cakewalk either. At the same time, I am constantly trying to improve my skills and that requires inspiration, too. I can’t practice if I’m not really interested in the subject matter.

So where can anyone draw inspiration from? It should ideally come from everything:

  1. Food (fruit, vegetables, desserts, etc)
  2. Animals (pets, exotic, endangered if you want to send a message; even if you are making up a species, it pays to draw from real animal anatomy to make a well thought-out creature)
  3. Flora (flowers, plants, trees, etc)
  4. Buildings (cottages, sheds, skyscrapers, places of worship, etc)
  5. Vehicles (cars, trains, motorcycles, boats, planes, ATVs, etc)
  6. People ( How many great classic works of art don’t include a person? Not many; often times it’s just what you see while having lunch al fresco or on the beach; it’s a challenge worth taking to try and sketch people in public, in motion, and even one person up close)
  7. Books (when you read, your imagination is working right there to get you immersed in the book; try recreating a scene from Gulliver’s Travels…just try it)
  8. “Ugly” things ( these things are real and unique; I’m talking dried up flowers, rotten food, dead animals, rusted metal, etc; if you like grunge, you would need to find “beauty” in these kinds of things anyway and they’re bound to evoke some feeling)
  9. Do I have to go on? The point is: everything has some inspirational value.

Alot of these items can contribute to writing as well. How articulate are you in describing the contents of your refrigerator? It might sound boring, but what if you were able to write so creatively that you blow the reader away when you finally reveal in the last paragraph that this “world” you’ve been describing was just the inside of your fridge? Hey, it can happen.

I think by adopting this kind of thinking should make it easier for me to handle the challenge, considering I haven’t planned ahead. It’ll improve my speed at the very least.


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  1. I’m new to A to Z this time as well. I’ve been keeping up with the posts by the skin of my teeth…but we can do it : ) And, yes, inspiration comes from everywhere. We cannot help but write ourselves and the world around us into I work. Nice to meet you!

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