#AtoZChallenge: No rest for the weary



That hasn’t been more true these past several days. No sooner had I finished my letter “M” entry when. I realized I was not going to have any time whatsoever to sit and paint or sketch or blog or anything until this past weekend was over. Why? Because one of my most favorite cousins, the brother I never had, was getting married. Naturally. I had to get involved as much as I could. This while also having to work at the hospital because I just didn’t know soon enough to get those shifts covered.

So the general routine for me since last Thursday has been to wake up, go to work, rush home, get ready, then get to the event being held that day as soon as possible, then mingle and take pictures and reflect as this milestone in my cousin’s life was taking place, then drive home from the venue (which has been at least an hour away everytime) at a decent enough hour to shower off the hairspray and makeup so I can get to sleep at around 2 am, only to wake up 4 hours later to start the next day over the same way.

Friday was the only exception…I didn’t have work. But the whole weekend was like this. And I had work on Monday, too! All morning I was trying to keep my eyes open and focus on my work. I already knew I was going to crash on the couch right after and sleep till I couldn’t anymore. Too bad I was feeling guilty about not being able to keep up with this a-to-z challenge or my other work the whole time.

So today, after a total of 15 hours of sleep since after work yesterday, I am going to try and get myself back on track. I really hope I don’t have to stay up just to do it.



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