#AtoZChallenge: O is for…


Why didn't I think of this sooner? I'm kicking myself!!

The app I've been using the most for my work has a text brush, for when I need to add text to my paintings. I don't use it much. Yet, it hit me today…why didn't I just try a nice quick sketch, using the letter of the day as the brush?! Oh, the hassle I've been through!!

Eh, well. You live and you learn. Now, I'm ahead for next year lol! And maybe now I can catch up a bit faster.

If you've seen my other work, you know I could have pulled off a realistic or surrealistic painting of an octopus, but given my recent epiphany, I tried to accomplish a quick and understandable sketch of an octopus. Took me less than 30 minutes. Not the worst job I've ever done.

It's interesting the amount of texture in here just by painting with the letter “o”. In fact, I'm pretty sure you can get it with any letter of the alphabet, and even that will vary by the font you use. My font choice was based on the “o” looking like the octopus' eyes. Then I just went with it the rest of the way. I didn't really need to add tentacles either, there was so much texture. And the bubbles? Quick and painless. The only place where I didn't paint with the text brush was when I was applying color to the body, but then I went right over it with more text to get the texture back.

Definitely a new favorite brush now! Didn't think to use it outside the original purpose…I'm ashamed.



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