#AtoZChallenge: Plumbers, Passions, and Paychecks


Depending on your school of thought, you may or may not already know what I’m getting at. Either way, just bare with me.

It all started with The Cosby Show. I’ve been sick for almost a week now and so I was vegging out in front of the TV watching some episodes with my dad. We happened to be watching an episode that really resonated with me but bugged my dad. It was the one where the family scrambles to find a plumber to fix what Cliff tries to fix himself, to their utter terror. They call in a team of young people who all went to Princeton with the eldest daughter, called the Home Healers. They all had gone to school for degrees that didn’t serve yhem in their roles for their chosen career. Naturally Cliff (and my dad) was confounded by this and so talked to the girl in the group about it.

Tahitian Women on the Beach, 1891 -Henri Paul Gauguin

There were some good points on both sides: why go to a school, not to mention an expensive one, only to not utilize the education you received there? On the other hand, how many greats were there that wouldn’t have been great had they stayed in their fields for the rest of their lives? Examples used were Gandhi, Gauguin, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. They had all studied one thing and ended up pursuing something else. My dad couldn’t have wished more to jump into the TV and tag team with Cliff to bombard that girl with questions and arguments. He settled for mumbling quite loudly, “stupid” and “that’s no good!”

Ever the pragmatist.


By the end of the episode, though, Cliff had to apologize to the group for harrassing them like he did. They were very professional and apparently did an amazing job.

Which brings me to the second “p” word: passions. It’s not enough by itself for someone’s success, but it’s a pretty heavy contributor. It’s what keeps you going, after all! For example, my passions include art, food, and writing amongst other things. I think about one or the others all the livelong day. I can’t wait to get a hold of my pen and paper or ipad and have at an idea. Do you know how amazing it is for me to share these passions with you and everyone else I know? That alone is compensation enough! And yet, there is the real world to consider…

This kid isn’t working…is he?

” It’s fine to have hobbies, but to make a living out of it? Foolish!” My dad says. He says it because he doesn’t believe the pay from such a life is worth the time. Not when you have a family or lifestyle to support. And he knows that I want to have a family one day. My paychecks have to count.

But you know…sometimes there’s a feeling I get that tells me I can be very successful freelancing and blogging. If I keep at it and manage my time; if I continue to provide my creative services on Fiverr, exposing my talents to the right people and getting opportunities from there while also gaining more and more experience; if I take the time to also work on my jewelry and writing skills…how could I not be successful? How can anyone not be successful financially when they match their efforts with their talents and fuel them with their passions? It’s just a matter of taking the dive, right?



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