Undiscovered: Digital Landscape, Sunset, and Seascape Practice in one go!


Woo! Finished!

I liked this practice alot. It was a combination of landscape, seascape, and sunset practice for me. A daunting thing until I made the goal to incorporate a lot of color. Then the difficulty was making it look like a place you want to see.

I made this on my usual app of choice, Sketchclub. It got featured!!

I’ve also entered it in the Sunsets competition, which was so coincidentally going on at the time I was getting back to the WIP to finally finish it. Overall this pretty simple sketch took about 3-4 hours to do. I really wish I had recorded a time-lapse video for this one though.

Until recently, I haven’t touched any of my personal projects. It’s nice to come back to it and get this kind of appreciation. I definitely feel more comfortable with creating timelapse videos as well, so I will be posting more links to my YouTube channel as well. Good stuff!



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